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Does my personal auto policy cover a rental car?

Yes & no. Your personal auto policy will provide liability coverage and physical damage coverage equal to the coverage you have on your own cars, for the car you rent. However, many rental car contracts have language in them that requires you to replace the car with a brand new version while your insurance policy will pay to replace the car with like kind and quality.

If my personal auto policy cancels for non-pay in the first six months of the policy period will Huggins help me get my policy reinstated?

No. We want to be your insurance adviser for a long time. Our goal is to partner with you to get the best possible price for the most complete coverage. If your auto policy cancels in the first 6 months for non-payment- reinstatement will come with a higher premium and takes us away from our goal.

Should I purchase the insurance coverage that is offered by the rental car carrier?

This is a good opportunity to ask questions. Ask what their contract stipulates in the event the car is totaled. Ask if they offer just physical damage coverage instead of full coverage. If you have the choice to just buy physical damage coverage and there is real savings between that and full coverage then go with the physical damage coverage.

Will Huggins Insurance sell a personal auto policy with the minimum liability limits required by the State of Oregon?

No. The minimum limits give you enough coverage to legally drive, but it’s not a limit that we feel comfortable releasing our clients with. Often to double the coverage the price increase is barely noticeable.