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How do I get a quote for my business?

You will need to complete a census form which essentially tells us how many employees you have, who will & won’t be enrolling, and how they will be enrolling.

How do I get a quote for myself or my family?

Simply follow this link:

If I apply for an individual plan and I get turned down what do I do next?

The Oregon Medical Pool offer guaranteed issue medical plans that provide good coverage at rates that are higher than what you originally applied for, but not unreasonably so. Our agency will guide you through that process.

What is a Health Savings Account?

A Health Savings Account is essentially and IRA that you can set up and contribute to when you have a high deductible health plan that meets certain Federal benchmarks.

What is the advantage of a Health Savings Account?

By signing up for a high deductible health plan you will get a better price than if you signed up for a plan that provided more coverage. The savings in premium that you recognize could be deposited into a health savings account to pay for future medical needs. The money you deposit into your health savings account may be written off on your taxes.

Where can I learn more about Health Savings Accounts?

We recommend that you go to . This bank has been a partner with our agency and they have a number of tools on their website to tell you more.

Why are individual plans so much cheaper than group plans.

There are two main reasons: First, individual health plans do not contain as many mandated coverages as a group plan. Second, the individuals plans are more closely underwritten and coverage can be denied for even the most minor of medical conditions.