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Success stories told from our clients.

Michelle did some extra research and helped me find out that I did not need coverage and saved me $900. She has also been good about helping me get the insurance I do need.

~ Matt

Salem, Oregon

We are so impressed with the knowledge, determination, and outstanding customer service that showed up in every aspect of how Jessica interacted with us during our recent application process. We've already referred two clients her direction in the last week as a result of the great experience, and plan to refer many more in the coming months.

~ Tim

Salem, Oregon

Julie Charley is fabulous! She rewrote our home, auto, earthquake and umbrella policies and saved us over $3,000 a year! I give Julie 6 stars for her hard work and great advice.

~ Robert

Salem, Oregon

I have a very busy personal and work relationship with Huggins insurance. If I ever need anything, and I mean anything, they are there for me. Dion has been my agent for home, auto and all my personal items for years and will be for years to come. I called Dion for my business and she quickly set me up with Dawn who now takes care of all my business needs. Huggins is and will be a partner in my business and personal life for good. Best Regards, 

~ Ben Johnston

Johnco Investments LLC
Salem, Oregon

The people at Huggins insurance are very nice and truly professional. Dion especially is exceptional. We unfortunately needed to make a claim within the first couple of months after switching to Huggins, and we couldn't have asked for better service. I highly recommend this insurance company.

~ Ben

Scio, Oregon

My family has known Jackie Goodman through Huggins for a long time. She is so sweet and knowledgeable, and treats you like a person and friend, not just an insurance policy. When I got married, it made sense for my husband and I to go to her for a good deal on renter's insurance in addition to our auto insurance. I am so glad we did! We had something happen at our apartment that caused us to lose most of our things and need a new place to stay, and we didn't know what to do at first. We went to Jackie, and she was able to give us information and phone numbers we needed for our insurance company, and was there to support us throughout the process. She was always quick to get back to us and meet with us in person, and if she didn't know the answer to something she helped us find someone who did. We definitely would recommend Huggins to anyone needing insurance or looking for someone to compare insurance companies, and we definitely recommend Jackie! 

~ Sarah

Salem, Oregon

Jackie has always been very accommodating (taking care of home insurance business while I'm out of town, for instance), understanding, patient, and clear in her explanations of the often-murky world of insurance. She is always an advocate for her clients, rather than the insurance companies.

~ Norman

Salem, Oregon

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful it has been to work with Michelle Gibson. She is the most friendly, thorough, professional and genuine company representative I have ever worked with.

~ David Shelton

Corvallis, Oregon

I can't say enough in praise about Jessica and the hands on service she has provided. My insurance needs were complicated to say the least, and she went the extra mile to make sure I was getting the best coverage possible for the best price. This is my second year with the company and my rates are even lower than last year thanks to Jessica at Huggins!

~ David

Scotts Mills, Oregon

Huggins Insurance in Salem, Oregon has served us well for over 40 years. We have Homeowners, Auto, Property and Flood Insurance through Huggins. Agents Julie Charlie and Jessica Martin are especially helpful in managing our portfolio and looking out for our best interests. We are thankful to have such friendly, conscientious and trustworthy personnel as our agents. We highly recommend the Huggins Insurance Agency. 

~ Bob & Pat Ebner

Keizer, Oregon

I have had Dion as my customer service representative for several year and Huggins for second time as my agent, I left Wells Fargo Insurance for the customer service and responsive at Huggins Insurance services.

~ Heidi

Salem, Oregon

Jackie Goodman is our contact at Huggins and she always makes my life easier and is a joy to work with.

~ Greg

Aumsville, Oregon

We have done business with Huggins insurance for thirty years, for really one reason, and that is the Huggins team. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and resourceful for our personal home and auto insurance. One expects an insurance agency to understand the common, general insurance needs, but Huggins goes a step beyond in situations that are often unusual and out of the ordinary. They have always come through with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Jackie Goodman is our contact at Huggins and she always makes my life easier and is a joy to work with.

~ Greg

Aumsville, Oregon

Mercedez Schluckebier helped me and my real estate team get our health insurance all taken care of she not only saved us money but got us the best plan possible! We love the Salem office and highly recommend Mercedes! She went above and beyond with amazing care. Thanks from the Casper Team! 

~ Rebecca

Salem, Oregon

Huggins is the best in all categories of insurance.

~ Erin

Salem, Oregon

I have been with these folks for years. They have my health, auto & home insurance Easy to work with, knowledgeable, competitive.

~ Melody

Salem, Oregon

I know this review is really about Huggins Insurance from whom we receive a good insurance product. We admire the way Huggins is involved in the community - Dawn and TJ are great leaders. The best decision Huggins made from our prospective was to hire and to keep Jessica Deshler as our business customer service representative. Jessica consistently provides all-star service. She deals with our complex insurance needs coming up with creative solutions. She represents our interests to underwriters and seeks the best coverage possible. While making sure we are properly covered, she has also provided us with insurance advise and information that didn't always result in a commission for Huggins. We can recommend Jessica and Huggins without reservation.

~ Debi

Salem, Oregon

Huggins Insurance has been serving our business needs for many years now. Dawn Bostwick and Michelle Gibson are our primary contacts at Huggins Insurance, overseeing all of our insurance inquiries, handling daily insurance issues, and provide assistance when claims arise. They go above and beyond and I can't thank them enough for their professional service to us. Great job, ladies!!! 

~ Richard


I have been working with Jessica from Huggins Insurance through my place of employment for the last several years and have been so impressed by the service provided that my husband and I have have moved our personal home and business insurance policies to Huggins as well, where we have received great service from both Jessica and Heidi. Their care and concern shines through! 

~ Benjamin

Salem, Oregon

As our business has grown, I can't say enough about Huggins Insurance looking out for our company. Professional, caring, and attention to detail. Not only do they offer us competitive pricing, the service they have great people that we work with raise our company up to the next level. I highly recommend them!

~ Kate

Salem, Oregon

Huggins will do anything to make our job easier. They go beyond the call of duty almost every day. I recommend their services to anyone looking for insurance who would also like great customer service.

~ City of Keizer

Woodburn, Oregon

We love the service and expertise of the Huggins staff. David has been able to help place our business with better coverage at a lower cost. We would recommend Huggins to any home or business owner.

~ Mark

Salem, Oregon

TJ and Char are great! They are real business partners who care about their clients. They have treated our organizations with care and respect and always offer on the spot superior assistance. They keep our businesses insured and operating. We can spend more time focusing on our clients because they take the time to care for our accounts. Thank you!

~ Bob

Salem, Oregon

We were looking for expertise in the area of business insurance for several types of coverage and of course great customer service. With Huggins Insurance we found both. As a matter of fact, when asking a competitor of Huggins about Professional Liability insurance, they recommended that we talk with Huggins before going any further. We did and never looked back for all of our insurance needs. 

~ Robert

Salem, Oregon

Michelle has made me feel comfortable to ask questions and is available whenever I need her. I define customer service as polite, friendly, effective communication, knowledgeable, accommodating, and resourceful. Michelle and Huggins embrace these skills. They are stewards of customer service. Additionally, Michelle helped us save money this year by suggesting a different program. The community greatly appreciated her diligence in working to find us the best coverage for our needs at the best rate. That was awesome! I want to thank you Huggins for your attention to our needs and patience in working with me.

~ George

Donald, Oregon

Michelle Gibson is FANTASTIC! I reached out to Huggins Insurance to retrieve an insurance certificate for several of our vehicles (Enterprise Fleet Management), and while many agencies may have delays in processing my request, Michelle Gibson reached out to me and kept in contact with me, along with sending follow-ups on my request. Michelle has been absolutely wonderful, and she is very friendly and informative. This gave me an extremely positive view of Huggins Insurance as a whole, and if anyone were to look for an insurance broker in the area, I would point them out to Huggins.

~ Linda

St. Louis, Missouri

Independent insurance agent was able to find best pricing for my combined home, auto, motorcycle and motor home saving me near $3K per year and doing so with friendly courteous service.

~ Lester

Salem, Oregon

Huggins has never failed me on coverage of cars and motorcycles even when St*** Fa** dropped the ball. Service has always been fast, courteous, and informed. Thanks!

~ Savannah

Lebanon, Oregon

I so appreciate Julie Charley, she has been so helpful, so friendly and so competent. I can't say how comfortable I have been with the agency thanks to her. I have homeowners and auto with you and will see to I am in contact with Huggins and Julie for anything I need. 

~ Barbara

Salem, Oregon

The professionals at Huggins Insurance are the reason I was referred to them and why I refer them to others. Heidi Wall provides excellent customer care and has demonstrated that she is personally invested in her clients. During the many times I have needed to make changes to my policies, Heidi has demonstrated patience and a genuine willingness to provide answers to my questions in a timely manner. I have been so pleased with her services and professionalism that I will remain a client and continue to refer others to her.

~ Jerame & Kristine

Salem, Oregon

I have auto, home, rental insurance thru Dion and she now covers two of our children's family needs. Dion is the best agent I have ever had. I have had some good and some bad experiences with Insurance companies from both ends of the court and this young lady is worth her weight in gold. 

~ Tom & Charlene Hayden

Corvallis, Oregon

Great customer service – Thanks, Dion! We also have home owners policies with Huggins Insurance and have been very satisfied with with their caring help. I would be happy to recommend them to my friends.

~ Cyndy

McCall, Idaho

Huggins Insurance was referred by a colleague. I followed up by finding them on the Internet. The online quote system made it so easy for me to see what the auto insurance would cost. I submitted a request for follow up and heard from TJ the very next day. A few months later I realized that I could not afford to be with out renters insurance. On the weekend I went to the Huggins Insurance website and got a quote on renters insurance. Discovered that by bundling it with my auto insurance I would receive a discount on my auto insurance that would save me all but $5 off the cost of my renter's insurance. This time I heard back from TJ again the next day - before the weekend was over. I am very impressed at the quick follow up. 

~ Norman

Salem, Oregon

Excellent Service from the Mutual of Enumclaw and Michelle Youngman Claims Adjuster handling my case.

~ Kristin

Salem, Oregon

From the wonderful lady who answered the phone and got us a copy of our insurance in exactly the time she said when we were in a sticky situation to Dion helping us update our insurance, the service was fantastic!

~ Tom

Salem, Oregon

We highly recommend Bryan Chang at Huggins Insurance. A while back before changing to Huggins, we decided it was time to do some comparisons on auto and home owners insurance and Bryan was far superior in customer service. He provided us detailed, and thorough comparisons of the different quotes, and much easier to understand than the other insurance companies we were comparing. Bryan was able to get us significant savings, with actually better coverage. We made the switch to Huggins Insurance and we couldn’t be more satisfied. When we’ve had questions on our coverage, Bryan’s been super friendly and very easy to work with and he responds back with answers to our questions the same day, or next day. We couldn’t ask for better service!

~ Anonymous

Salem, Oregon