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Commercial insurance

The best compliment we get from our commercial clients is that they feel we are a part of their company, no matter what the size of their business or non-profit. This comes from our belief that it is in our mutual interest to have you focus on growing your enterprise, and not worry about your insurance coverage. While some agencies are content to take your check once a year and relegate you to a service center, we are not.

Due to our size and length of time in the marketplace, we have access to a wide range of excellent companies. Not every insurance company is going to be a great fit for your industry, so we target those that we know want your business. By marketing your account, we're able to return with products and prices that you can be confident are the best of what's available. During this time, we may also review other risks you may face, offer guidance on how to reduce those risks, and (if desired) obtain quotes for what it would cost to transfer that risk.

We go beyond just selling insurance. We take great care in reviewing risks, and helping our clients manage those exposures. This may mean monitoring the insurance from your subcontractors, assisting your safety committees with safety and loss prevention issues, or reviewing leases and contracts to ensure compliance with the insurance provisions. While some of this may seem tedious, it's part of the satisfaction we take in partnering with you to make sure your entity is successful.