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Health insurance

Health insurance is a hot topic because it's becoming increasingly difficult to maximize the value of the dollars you spend. Whether you need insurance for yourself and family members, or for your business, we will help you navigate the products available to tailor the best fit to your needs.

Quote information

To get a health quote for yourself (and family) or your business, please click the appropriate button above. When you click the individual button you will be taken to a new window where you need to enter information about the people who will be covered. From there you will be able to see plans and pricing (and in some cases apply online). One important note- this rating process defaults to short term medical which is what most people are after. If you are looking for a permanent plan please un-select the short term medical box.

For a group quote there are 9 simple questions to complete and we use that info to shop the marketplace for you. We have access to every carrier in Oregon which means you won’t have to spend time contacting various companies looking for rates.